Rollux is a powerful extension of Bitcoin! The Rollux layer 2 introduces DeFi, NFT’s and cheap smart contracts, all secured by Bitcoin's miners with decentralized finality on top, all with an additional utility-focused economy!



Merged-mining, also known as Auxiliary Proof-of-Work or simply AuxPoW, allows mining multiple blockchains at the same time without adding extra hashing cost or diminishing the rewards of the primary coin being mined.
Rollux is built on Bitcoin and Syscoin to get the best of both blockchains. Bitcoin provides security and decentralization, and Syscoin provides EVM-compatibility and a robust dual-chain design to handle the global demand for exchange of value.
Currently around 60% of the hashpower mining Bitcoin is also used to mine Syscoin at no extra cost. It could be seen as someone (the miner) entering the lottery. With merged-mining the miner can submit the same lottery numbers to different lotteries (blockchains).


All compatible PoW projects benefit from the decentralization of Bitcoin that stands as a gold standard.

Expanding Community
Merged Mining enables Bitcoin’s hashrate to be extensible and support blockchains that offer important utility beyond the scope and best-purpose of the Bitcoin protocol itself.

Same power. More value.
With merged-mining the miner can submit the same hash to different networks (merge-mined blockchains), increasing their rewards just by proving the work they already performed on the parent chain's latest block (Bitcoin).

It’s Part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Vision
Merged mining was first presented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2010, and was subsequently introduced to Bitcoin Core.


Random Multi-Quorums

On top of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, Rollux utilizes Syscoin’s masternodes to provide finality. This chart is a rough representation of the decentralized ownership of the masternodes participating in random multi-quorums at any given time. Finality requires 75% of quorums to agree on the state of the Syscoin chain.

Total Masternodes:


Thanks to modular design we are able to bring more utility to the ultimate Proof of Work security that Bitcoin provides.

The Rollux layer 2 is an opportunity to use, DeFi, NFT’s and smart contracts all secured by the merged-mining of Bitcoin.

Rollux is built by SYS Labs, powered by Syscoin, and fueled by $SYS. Rollux functions as Syscoin’s Layer 2 to help provide the unprecedented scalability necessary for an exponential increase of potential use cases, and sets the stage for realizing mass adoption. Rollux offers what no one else does: unmitigated security, speed, decentralization, and affordability.


What is Rollux?
Rollux is the ultimate EVM superchain rooted in Bitcoin’s PoW for unparalleled security, scalability and affordability. Rollux was incubated by SYS Labs and bootstrapped by the Syscoin Foundation.

Why Bitcoin?
Bitcoin’s PoW security is the industry’s gold standard. Rollux is built on this very security to bring Ethereum-compatable smart contract scaling to Bitcoin.

Why Ethereum (EVM)?
In the same way Bitcoin changed the game with blockchain, Ethereum changed blockchain with smart contracts. Ethereum developers represent the largest development talent pool in Web3. Conforming to ERC standards without committing to Ethereum’s architecture presents an open invitation to onboard dapps that can benefit from unparalleled security, speed, and affordability.

What makes it so fast?
Rollux is purpose-built to harmonize with each aspect of the Syscoin ecosystem. It utilizes Layer 2 Rollups and the industry’s only L1 Proof-of-Data Availability solution to achieve speeds unseen without sacrificing security and decentralization.

How affordable is it?
Each transaction is a fraction of a fraction of a cent, so you can cheaply scale your dapp, pass the savings on to users, or even subsidize them yourself.