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SYS Labs Acquires FortKnoxster, Unveils SuperDapp: The Next-Gen Social Crypto Platform

SYS Labs acquires cryptosecurity company FortKnoxster, unveiling SuperDapp, the next-gen AI-powered social crypto platform. This acquisition marks a significant expansion into the cryptosecurity and decentralized social marketplace, with SuperDapp set to revolutionize the decentralized application space. Combining FortKnoxster's leading-edge technologies with Syscoin's platform, SuperDapp will offer tailored communication features for the crypto community, launching in 2023. Join SYS Labs and FortKnoxster on this exciting journey to innovate cryptosecurity, blockchain, and decentralized social experiences.


SYS Labs & Luxy: Bringing NFTs to the Masses

SYS Labs and Luxy announce a strategic partnership to bring NFTs to the masses, combining innovative technology and efficient resource allocation. Luxy's 'no code' approach to NFTs and SYS Labs' groundbreaking Rollux platform unite to offer a seamless, secure, and scalable Web3 infrastructure. This collaboration enhances the NFT ecosystem, supporting both creators and traders, and aligns with SYS Labs' mission to create a decentralized financial ecosystem accessible to all. Stay tuned for exciting developments in this partnership, driving a new era of interconnected and efficient blockchain technologies.


SYS Labs Primed to Take the Industry by Storm

Introducing SYS Labs, the 'unicorn of unicorns' in the blockchain industry, unifying the strengths of Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work and Ethereum's smart contracts through Rollux. This breakthrough technology aims to create a global financial system that empowers people to transact freely and securely. Built atop Bitcoin's security mechanism and rooted in merged mining, Rollux is the cornerstone of SYS Labs' ecosystem for Web3. Join SYS Labs in revolutionizing blockchain technology and shaping the future of the decentralized web.